Dr. Cantor has conducted a myriad of security operations on a global scale including hostage recovery, medium and high-risk protection, personal security operations, asset transport and relocation and travel related security objectives.

Because of Jeff’s unique background, his precision training, education and consulting gives people and organizations options in the form of tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP’s), and personal security planning that is employable and adaptable to whatever circumstances and situations they may face anywhere on earth.

In addition to his medical background, Jeff’s extensive background in military tactics, edged and impact weapons and a plethora of martial arts, enabled him to develop Tactical Response Close Quarter Combat Transitions (TR-CQCT), a system allowing the operator or individual, through behavioral ciphers, advanced biomechanics and dynamic execution to transition in close quarter combat and extreme close quarter combat from unarmed to weapon system and from weapon system to an unarmed state to engage conflict.

Jeff is also a leading tactical edged weapons instructor, and through his company, BLACK OPS GEAR® designed and produced high quality uniquely handcrafted purpose driven knives for Special Operations, immediate personal defense and everyday carry usage.

Personal Security

  • The Security Mindset: 360 Situational Awareness
  • Active Shooter Defense
  • Anti-kidnap & Hostage Survival
  • Escape & Evasion
  • Travel Security
  • Firearms
  • Covert Surveillance & Hostile Surveillance Detection
  • Edged and Impact Weapons Oriented Defense
  • Tactical Pen Defense
  • Womens personal security programs
  • Improvised Weapons & Weapons of Chance
  • Unarmed Defense & Core Combatives
  • College Safety Prep


  • Close Quarter Situational Defense (CQSD)
  • Firearms
  • Tactical Response Close Quarter Combat Transitions
  • Operator High Risk Weapon Countermeasures
  • Tactical Edged Weapons
  • Combat Tactical Folding Knife
  • Karambit
  • Extreme Close Quarter Integrated Combat
  • Impact Weapons
  • Undercover Agent Survival
  • CQC EW for Law Enforcement
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat