TRAINBLACKOPS HEADER IMAGE_2This comprehensive anti-kidnap & hostage survival program is available to Corporations and Organizations and is designed to teach key personnel the principles; protocol and methods of kidnap prevention and survival. We also have a public anti-kidnap & hostage survival course for private citizens.

At the conclusion of the program, the student will have a better understanding of those actions necessary to identify potential threats, what to do domestically and abroad and how to combat the potential dangers that we are confronted with in medium to high-risk occupations and jobs.

It explains personal, vehicle and travel vulnerabilities and how to overcome them, route analysis, and surveillance detection routes, countering surprise in kidnapping and assassination attempts as well as the principles of awareness, communication, evasion and emergency offensive and defensive tactics.

During the last few years the world has become an ever-increasing dangerous place to live and work. With new threats of terrorism both domestically and globally and with the rise in kidnappings, extortion, murder, and assault; we must be better prepared then ever before to insure survivability.

Anti-Kidnap & Hostage Survival ProgramOur anti-kidnap training program provides relevant, results-oriented objectives to facilitate active, responsive and complete learning. It helps one to achieve the competency, which is paramount to survive, resist and escape and evade from potentially dangerous situations.

This program is presented in a professional and very practical manner, incorporating a realistic, interactive dynamic learning method in which the participant will gain awareness skills and strategic thinking for personal security.

In addition, this concentrated design insures a well-rounded learning experience, allowing participants to augment their defensive knowledge, decision-making and communication skills as well as effectively manage crisis situations.

TRS INTERNATIONAL GROUP is committed to developing a participant ’s capabilities in five major areas of competency:

Awareness and Threat Identification:
Identifying the threat, understanding personal, vehicle and travel security principles and protocol, correcting security vulnerabilities, principles of surveillance and surveillance detection, surveillance detection routes and attack recognition, evasion and escape.

Management and Control Methods:

isolation coping mechanisms capture behavior, principles of the Stockholm syndrome and how to disengage, resistance and survival mentality.

Defense Skills:

Specifically related to personal security domestically and abroad, successful family safety management, communication-body language, impersonal and distress codes, psychology related to fear, escape and escape and evasion methods.

Engagement Competency:
Observation, Analysis, Decision, and Action / Inaction.

EOT / EDT: Emergency Offensive and Defensive Tactics:
improvised weapon systems, unarmed weapon systems, armed tactics and countermeasures, utilization of edged and impact weapons.

Anti-Kidnap & Hostage Survival Program Classroom SessionConsider the Benefits of the TRS International Group Anti-Kidnap & Hostage Survival Training Program:

  • Quality: Our program is innovative and blends the best practical realistic training and education with a renowned commitment to exceptional client service and program delivery.
  • Experience: The instructor is professional and extremely well versed in the respective field. They are experts in international security and close quarters combat with real life experience in kidnap interdiction and hostage rescue.
  • Program Curriculum: The program curriculum offers direct results-oriented, interactive anti-kidnapping and survival training to meet the changing global environment.
  • Skills: Increase knowledge of critical life-saving skills, and security competence. Learn essential personal and family security protocol. Increase self-confidence, and enhance personal effectiveness.

Dr. Jeffrey Cantor teaching students during a tactical training session


This program is designed to offer a training program that reviews the fundamentals of kidnap prevention, hostage survival and escape principles and methods. It strives to impart serious awareness, strategic tactical and security skills, which provide real-world survival and defensive abilities. These newly learned talents could make the critical difference in the ability to save your own life, and that of your most valuable assets.

Upon registering, and reserving a time schedule that is convenient for you and our staff, TRSIG will send you a complete briefing package including a confidential client questionnaire. This preliminary form will begin the comprehensive evaluation process that each and every TRSIG client receives. This program can be executed at your location or an alternate location of your choice.

The program places great emphasis on the individual. Each person is unique and has different requirements, abilities, and goals. We understand this and utilize our comprehensive evaluation to begin the customization process to fit the special needs of each and every participant in the group.

By combining your desired goals and the initial comprehensive evaluation, we construct the final elements of the training program so that they are flexible and challenging enough to successfully fulfill the objectives of the client. The program is delivered in 1, 2 or 3 -day platforms.


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