Looking for a unique team building mission that is tactical based and highly rewarding?


executive-black-ops-seminar-training-300x2011“With years of unconsciously competent strategic leadership, that has been tested and proven in the harshest environments, and through the use of security and tactical scenarios, we will augment the operational potential of your team. Working as a team is more than individual skill sets and curriculum vitae. If you want to build a truly cohesive high performance team, it doesn’t matter how special your people are as individuals…We will start with the tactical mission process, once the tactical mission is defined, the plan is set into motion, it is developed and honed in a challenging yet fun environment.

The Executive Black Ops Program is skill set development, scenario-based training that will culminate with actual tactical and operational training scenarios that teach individuals the skills necessary to function and work at their fullest potential as a cohesive unit”.

As a corporate executive your decisive action is required every day. The Executive Black Ops Program combines real world proven security training in a unique environment to help you master the competencies of effective leadership, improve your emotional and physical reaction time, and better face today’s corporate and personal challenges. Not to mention giving you some very unique bragging rights.

Through this intensely challenging and dynamic program, you will discover how to use your power in new and innovative ways, influence others to achieve goals and take tactical control at the mission level to improve efficiency, communication and deepen self-awareness to enhance your abilities as a leader. For corporate teams, this highly unconventional training program, enhances communication skills; strengthens peer interaction, and builds confidence. It helps the team members learn to function with efficiency and effectiveness in high stress situations and environments. The Executive Black Ops Corporate Program empowers personal and team performance.

From offering a one of a kind action packed life-changing adventure “mission” to personally helping you with fulfilling your company objectives, we go above and beyond to ensure a corporate experience that is unlike anything you have ever imagined.

While most companies are trying to think out of the box, we don’t have a box, we meld the tactics to the circumstances with a commitment to each and every participant and to continually ensure an amazing journey that will open your heart and mind in a way that will positively change you.

We encourage you to take a walk on the wild side, step-off the map and boldly go and do, embrace this unbelievable celebration of self and team with Executive Black Ops now!

The Executive Black Ops Program is offered as a half-day, full day or two-day training program.


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