The Tactical Karambit Course is a unique opportunity to learn about the karambit as a personal defense weapon. The Karambit is a Southeast Asian exotic curved knife resembling a tiger claw. It is a very serious tool for both personal defense and for operators. The Karambit provides unprecedented cutting power in its unique design for contact distance. The course delves into combative strategies and defensive tactics for curved blade carry, access and rapid deployment and is a “how to” course for practical operation of the Karambit as a personal defense tool.

 What We Will Cover:

  • Introduction and Safety
  • Rapid Threat Assessment
  • Modern Carry / Concealed Carry
  • Deployment
  • Deployment Positioning
  • Fixed Versus Folding Karambits
  • Grips
  • Introduction to Spinning: Myth vs. Reality
  • Anatomical Considerations
  • Close Quarter Application
  • Dominating control
  • Myths vs. Reality: As an Impact Weapon
  • Pre-emptive Defense Against a Karambit
  • Employing the Startle Reflex
  • Full and Half Guard
  • Core Combatives for Disruption
  • Disarming and Takedowns
  • Threat Scenarios
  • Legal Ramifications
  • Q & A
  • Close

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