The Security Mindset: 360 Degree Situational Awareness

Because Becoming a Victim is Often Decided in a Matter of SECONDS

For most of us crime is what happens to other people. In today’s unforgiving world you need an advantage. The concept of being aware of your surroundings and having the ability to identify potentially dangerous situations is a frame of mind more than a skill set. Because of this anyone can utilize these principles with a little discipline and a desire to do so and thus develop a tactical advantage when it comes to recognizing criminal behavior and danger.

The greatest weapon in the fight of your life is situational awareness. The Security Mindset: 360 Situational Awareness seminar empowers you with world knowledge and strategies to recognize and avoid threatening situations, assess threats, increase your awareness skills and protect yourself in your business and personal life.


  • Recognize potential threats, dangerous situations and violence
  • Establish responsibility to take control of your own security
  • Understand the security mindset
  • What level of awareness is ideal for you
  • Identify and construct a baseline
  • 3 Critical Steps to Training Situational Awareness
  • Behavioral warning signs
  • Pre-assaultive behaviors
  • How to recognize an armed individual
  • Active Avoidance-what is it? And How can it help mitigate potential risk?
  • Harden yourself
  • Communication
  • Technology Pros and Cons
  • Acquire secrets of high-level personal security
  • Learn simple tools to survive multiple situations

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Travel Safety

The Travel Safe Security Seminar is a comprehensive and unique footprint of travel security information that is designed to give your team an edge in an uncertain world. The program provides crucial information pertaining to pre-travel advice, security protocols to follow, pre-positioning and serious security tips and tricks from a real world expert to help keep you and your team safe.

Corporations and organizations have a responsibility to educate their employees in travel safety and security that extends to both international and domestic travel. Without proper training, businesses are open to litigation, interruption to business continuity, reputation damage and most importantly, increased risk to the welfare of employees.

In today’s world, issues of imminent threat are unpredictable for both business and recreational travelers. It is clear that we live in an increasingly dangerous world. More worrying and concern is the speed with which events can move from total calm to complete chaos.

Prior preparation, planning and training cannot be overstated, and can significantly decrease the risk of personnel traveling internationally or domestically.

Travel Safe Security Keynote:

Gaining awareness about what to do before and during travel, what to watch for, how to plan and respond and pre-empt situations, how to deal with everything from street crime, transportation and lodging, disasters and health is critical for safer travel.


  • Threat recognition
  • Security Mindset
  • Baseline
  • Behavior Indicators
  • Communications and Protocols
  • Street Crime
  • Pre-positioning
  • Active threat avoidance
  • Destination Planning
  • Assessing risk
  • Pre-departure
  • Vulnerability and access
  • Hotels and restaurant safety
  • Transportation safety
  • Health & Medical Safety

Travel Safe Security seminar can be customized to fit the specific needs of the company, organization or group.

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Active Shooter & Terrorism Threat Awareness

Empower Your Organization To Be Safe


Active shooter threats are unpredictable and rapid. Who becomes a victim is decided in seconds. Knowing what to do and how to react is critical to survival. Organizations can strengthen their defenses, or “harden” the environment to help employees survive and incident. This half-day program is customized to your workplace. We will first assess the current security state of your workplace and then use the R.E.D. method to educate your employees on how to react to a threat, Escape if able, hide if needed, or worse case, Defend and fight. We will expertly demonstrate the immediate actions everyone can take to improve security. The session concludes with implementing the security mindset so everyone is empowered to stay safe in any threat situation.



According to the FBI, active shooter incidents have occurred in just about every kind of venue, including malls, theaters, offices, and public venues, with 70% of the incidents occurring in commerce, businesses, and schools–and the frequency is rising. This compelling keynote features Dr. Jeffrey Cantor, one of the country’s leading experts in personal and International security. Participants learn what is necessary to prepare and react to active shooter threats with key actions they should take if confronted with such a situation. This is great for large crowds, company meetings, and off-site events.

The program utilizes the R.E.D. method (React, Escape, Defend) to empower participants with a survival mindset that immediately raises situational awareness, helping them to stay safe in any threat situation.

Active Shooter Defense and Advanced Active Shooter Defense is also available via a mobile and web-based Threat Survival System micro-learning app that uses YouTube style videos and playlists to give people, companies and organizations a blueprint for safety through their daily business and personal life. Developed by Dr. Jeffrey Cantor using his React-Escape-Defend model, the key focus is for people to recognize danger so they can quickly React with key actions, learn when and how to Escape and what is involved and necessary should one need to Defend. Corporations, Organizations, hospitals, medical facilities, law firms, NGO’s and others have yet to successfully solve this urgent problem. Threat Survival System: Active Shooter Defense is completely mobile friendly, allowing people to learn on their mobile device at their own pace and convenience.

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BLACK OPS Competitive Edge



Need a new way to motivate your team to meet aggressive business goals? Tired of the same old approaches that just don’t seem to work? Looking for a different way to motivate your teams and capture executive attention?

The BLACK OPS Competitive Edge is designed for sales teams, while BLACK OPS Leadership Training is geared to executives. In both, you’ll learn how to adapt a “failure-is-not-an-option” strategy and tactics to help you plan, practice, execute and succeed. The programs are designed by two leading experts, Black Ops Leadership Training Instructor Dr. Jeffrey Cantor, one of the country’s leading security specialists, and Bentley Radcliff, world-renowned for competitive strategy and trapping the competition.


  • Accelerate your team’s performance with flawless execution
  • deliver high impact special operations training that lasts
  • Elevate knowledge using “covert operations” methods
  • Learn to operate with surgical focus
  • Turn your team into an unstoppable force to control and dominate your space

Black Ops Competitive Edge features the 7 CRITICAL STEPS TO MISSION PLANNING SUCCESS-an approach rarely seen outside of the elite military community


  • Define objectives with focus and direction
  • Identify threats and determine traps to expose competitors’ weaknesses
  • Assess your resources and harness the full value of your team
  • Plan, Plan, Plan: induce clarity and direction to increase revenue generation
  • Use Dynamic Execution: shift, pivot, and adapt to uncontrollable events and capitalize on new opportunities
  • Use a Direct Action Debrief to implement lessons learned
  • Implement lessons learned to achieve agility and mutual trust for 100% engagement


Black Ops Competitive Edge will allow you and your team to:

  • Envision successful outcomes, relying on integral teamwork just like in Black Ops
  • Invigorate your team to a higher level of operational performance and better execution
  • Provide a continual success model to reaffirm your culture, and gain the trust and loyalty of team members

This is not a lecture; your team will engage in a stimulating hands-on workshop as they plan and prepare for the expected and unexpected challenges of your mission


Black Ops Leadership Training (BOLT) for Executives is focused on the leadership skills your managers need to lead a special operations force.


Black Ops Competitive Edge for Sales & Marketing is about becoming a special ops team, where “failure-is-not-an-option.”

Both programs can be delivered as a one-hour keynote or a full-day workshop. And they are customizable to the specifics of your market and your company.

In addition, all programs can be boosted with teamwork-enhancing exercises similar to those used by Black Ops teams:

  • Handling the unexpected
  • Escaping a trap that you have ben caught in
  • Overcoming a hostile environment-e.g. Competitive account

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College Safety Prep

DCU College Safety Prep (CSP) is a mobile and web-based micro-learning app that uses YouTube style videos and playlists to give students a blueprint for safety through their daily campus life. Developed by Dr. Jeffrey Cantor using his Recognize-Avoid-Evade-Counter model, the key focus is for students to recognize danger and avoid it, while encouraging good samaritan- ism and social well being. Colleges and universities have yet to successfully solve this urgent problem. CSP is completely mobile friendly, allowing students to learn on their mobile device at their own pace and convenience.

DCU College Safety Prep is also available “live” as a one hour keynote or half-day workshop.

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