Mission Ready Skills For Life & Business

What I learned about strategy and dynamic execution will directly impact the way I run my business and execute for success

I would highly recommend this to any business owner, corporate executive, manager or even sales executives.
Bentley Radcliff

President – Rapid Scale Strategies

About Dr. Jeff Cantor

Dr. Cantor has conducted a myriad of security and tactical operations on a global scale including hostage recovery, medium and high-risk protection, personal security operations, covert surveillance, asset transport and relocation and travel related security objectives.

Because of Jeff’s unique background, his precision training, education and consulting gives people and organizations options in the form of tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP’s), and personal security planning that is employable and adaptable to whatever circumstances and situations they may face anywhere on earth.

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Whenever, Wherever, Be Mission Ready

Nothing replaces the warrior mindset. Overcome ANY adversity and complete the objective every mission.

In life, only the battle tested warrior mindset prevail. With mental fortitude and physical conditioning, the outcome is always the same. SUCCESS. Whether in a team environment or solo operator, nothing beats a true warrior in mind and spirit. Become you 3.0, train like a warrior and succeed like one. Find out what it takes from a battle tested seasoned professional.